Sustainability and CSP

Sustainability and CSP

Feb 28, '202 comments

Some words from Molke founder Kirsty Lunn about the efforts we are making to continue our sustainable practices.

I was lucky enough to attend the Hunter Foundation charity dinner where the legend himself Sir David Attenborough spoke about his work and climate change. It’s hard not to come away inspired from hearing him talk. He’s so passionate and that passion was infectious. I left the evening with my brain whirring thinking about ways we could push our sustainability, further reducing our impact on the environment.

The dinner setting at the charity dinner with the event program sitting between the cutlery.

At Molke we are anti fast fashion. We believe that buying once, buying quality made by people on a fair wage is far better than buying low cost items that don’t last. We encourage our customers to sell on unwanted bras and to buy pre-loved. We repair bras and are looking for ways to add this as an option long term.

I’ve been looking at ways we can better reduce our waste. Our scraps are currently saved up and donated to local schools and groups, however we have some larger pieces and flawed fabric we felt we could put to a better long term use. In the past we have sent scraps off to other small women-led businesses such as JJ Jiraffe, TCS Eco and Ecoveta. Seeing the amazing products they made with them made me wonder how we could collaborate.

Flatlay of CSP and facewipes.CSP from TCS Eco and reusable wipes from JJ Jiraffe

Flatlay of items.Reusable snack bags and straw holders from Ecoveta


I’ve been chatting to Kerry-Anne at TCS Eco who makes beautiful cloth sanitary pads (CSP - more info below*) a fantastic reusable alternative to disposable sanitary products. We talked about how we could work together using our organic fabric to top her reusable pads and have come up with something we are very excited about.

We will have more info about our future CSP products very soon. Hopefully this is the start of something brilliant - our small changes can make a big difference to help save our planet.

Two CSP items. One has the Molke logo and the other has the TCS Eco logo.

*CSP is a reuseable alternative to disposable sanitary towels. They are usually made with three layers of fabric including an absorbent core. Once used they can be rolled up and stored in a wetbag before being rinsed and washed, ready for another day!

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Emma Porter on Apr 1, '20

I love my CSP. once I was on holiday and used disposables after using my cloth for so long and I found them less comfortable, and actually less effective.
Also since I’ve had my 2 children I dont feel confident to go with out anything to catch the little whoops moments and weating a small cloth liner every day o feel confident without adding to the land fill.
I know it’s a privilege to be able to afford the initial large outlay, and I’m lucky as I have got older rmy periods arwnt heavy.
I’m so excited to see what you will be doing.
I admire you so much.
Thank you

Margaret Brock on Mar 4, '20

I’ve just discovered re usable panty liners, and I can honestly say, they are far more comfortable than disposable ones!

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