The UnDamaged Goods Project

The UnDamaged Goods Project

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*Please note this blog has a content warning for mentions of domestic abuse*

The UnDamaged Goods Project was started by Annie Fielder, alongside Whiffle Pig CIC's project for women, to support women and help them find a voice. You can learn more about Annie's journey and Molke's involvement with the UnDamaged Goods project below.

“Morning… Are you alright?” I asked. “Not really - I find you repulsive. At least you are thinking of getting your tits reduced, but what are you going to do about the rest of your body?” My husband replied…

I was 7 months pregnant and my husband said that to me one morning when I had just woken up. Unsurprisingly I left that man. That comment was one of the milder things he said/ did to me. I left with a 2 year old little boy and 7 and a half months pregnant with my daughter. Shortly after her birth I moved from Derbyshire to just outside Edinburgh, my favourite city. Much of what my ex husband said and did to me had left me a fraction of myself, but that sentence swirled around my brain daily - I totally avoided mirrors and saw myself as that repulsive mass he saw.

Annie is in a dance studio wearing a Molke Space bra and leggings. She is leaning on a wooden rail and looking at the camera in the mirror.As a ludicrously large breasted woman I was aware of Molke from when Kirsty’s fantastic bras started with the Crowd Funding page, so when Molke did a call out for models in early 2018 I contacted them with that story. Fed up of letting him continue to control how I felt about myself, I needed to accept how I looked as that was me.

Fortunately I was selected - not only did the children and I have a brilliant time at the photo shoot, I was also welcomed into the wonderful women of Molke.

Annie is wearing the Suffrage Molke set and carrying her youngest child while her eldest child hangs onto her leg.As time progressed, and after a diagnosis of PTSD and some utterly incredible trauma therapy, I decided I need to use what I was experiencing as a way to support other women. One of the many lovely titles that had been hurled at me was that I was ‘Damaged Goods’ - that particular name irked me the most, so I decided to use that for my project. Approaching the glorious Kirsty and her team I put my idea forward to them and they agreed to help and support my project the same way they have supported my giant boobies for the past two years.

The aim of UnDamaged Goods is to give women everywhere a platform for their stories to be heard and understood - to help them find their voices. It is a place for women to stand strong together and support each other, not fight each other; to educated one another and to laugh together.

Kirsty and Annie smiling and standing in front of the Molke logo wall while holding up mannequins wearing Molke underwear.Our event is on Saturday 13th June 2020 at the Biscuit Factory in Leith. Tickets will be on sale soon with a Pay-it-forward scheme so it is available for all. Molke are partnering with us for this project and I am so humbled by their support and kindness, as I have always been. I cannot thank Kirsty, Ros and their team of Pixies enough for helping me to find myself again and be alright with the fact the plastic surgeon’s knife will be passing me by - I much prefer to have wind sock tits, enough wobbly bits to be my own trampoline park and laughing to tears with my friends than be starved into a size 6 to please a cruel man.

Be kind, be happy be windy x

For more information about the UnDamaged Goods Project please follow them on Instagram. You can find out More about Whiffle Pig CIC here.

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Molke on Jul 31, '20

Hi Jay! I’m afraid this isn’t something we are able to do at the moment but may be something we look into in the future. Please feel free to email if you have any further enquiries.

Jay Fiona somer on Jul 31, '20

Do you make incontinence pants I’d need size 1xxlarge I’ve a really big butt and would like something comfie when out and about in my wheelchair I realise I avoid going out in case of leaking waiting to hear any idears you and the team might have

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