CSP Information

Cloth Sanitary Pads (often called CSP) are a form of reusable sanitary protection designed to replace the need for disposable pads. Once used they can be washed and used again for at least 75 washes. 

Ours are made by TCS Eco in Scotland as a way to use up our waste fabric and continue our commitment to sustainability. All of our CSP have a Windpro fleece backing and wings with a popper which will stop them roaming around in your undies! They are worn with the patterned fabric facing towards your body and have their absorbency embroidered on this side so you can easily know which pad is which.

If you are making the jump to CSP for the first time and are unsure where to begin, have a look at the disposable products you like best and try measuring them to know what length will work best for your needs. All of our CSP are suitable for incontinence and sneeze leaks as well as periods, and each absorbency will hold more than their disposable equivalent.

We offer a range of sizes and absorbencies so read on if you are struggling to know which CSP is most suitable for you!

It is normal to take a bit of time to find out what work bests for you. Please feel free to get in touch via email on pixie@molke.co.uk or via the contact us page with any questions.


Available in a slim 7" length with a core made from 55% hemp and 45% organic cotton blend. The slim liners are also ideal for use for stress incontinence as well as for catching drips during toilet training for toddlers.


Available in a 9" length with an hourglass shape. The core is made from an organic cotton Zorb 3D fabric.


Available in an hourglass shape and 10" length with two poppers. The 10" pad has two width settings for added security. The core is an absorbent bamboo Zorb 3D fabric.


Available in one hourglass shape and 10" length with 2 poppers. The 10" pad has two width settings for added security. The core is made of two layers of organic cotton Zorb 3D fabric.

Washing your CSP

When you are washing your CSP we would recommend washing at a low heat and line drying. If you are concerned about staining you can soak or rinse in cold water prior to washing. Avoid fabric softener as this will affect the absorbency of your CSP.