International Women's Day Facebook video transcript

Frame 1 - A pale blue screen with the text "Molke, we don't want to just celebrate women on one day of the year. We believe women should be celebrated, represented, respected and supported all year round." Two white wavy lines are drawn across the screen as the text is shown.

Frame 2 - A picture of Ann slides into view, replacing the last image (all frames transition to the next in this way.) She is standing against a purple background wearing the Universe Molke bra and leggings. A quote in white above her head reads: "Don't let society's expectations or conventional norms prevent you from doing what you want to do or achieving your dream. - Ann"

Frame 3 - Rhona is against a yellow background wearing the Power set. She is sitting side on in her wheelchair, cheering with her arms in a strong pose. Her quote reads: "Molke helps to show that bodies take all forms and each on is beautiful in its own way. We are not invalid and we are not broken - we are different and without diversity the world would be dull as hell. - Rhona" 

Frame 4 - Jen is standing against a red background with her hand on her hip, wearing the Cherry lace Molke bra and mid rise briefs. The quote above her head reads: "Molke is a trailblazer for size inclusivity, catering for all bodies and boobs. I'm so happy I've found a business that I can see myself and other diverse bodies represented. - Jen"

Frame 5 - Fiona is against an orange background with her arms in a strong pose wearing the Space Molke bra, leggings and matching tubie pad under her feeding tube on her stomach. Her quote reads: "Due to disability my body has changed in ways I couldn't imagine but Molke have been there the whole way through giving me a safe space to share my body with no fear. - Fiona"

Frame 6 - Amy is against a pink background and has her back to camera, turning her head to smile over her shoulder. She is wearing Cherry Lace set and her quote reads: "Seeing people with all kinds of bodies feeling comfortable is super important and can help more people than you know feel at home in theirs. - Amy"

Frame 7 - Sophia is against a Blue background with her hands on her hips and wearing the Mix Molke set. He quote reads - "Molke's representation, and products, encourage women to believe they can, unapologetically, take up space in this world, be comfortable in who they are and, most of all, be happy. - Sophia"

Frame 8 - Claire is standing against a blue background, wearing the Black Molke Flexi-Size Swim bra and Swim shorties and has her hands behind her head. Her quote reads: " If you want a bikini body, put your body in a bikini! - Claire"

Frame 9 - Estelle is dancing against a yellow background while wearing the teal Molke bra and mid rise briefs. The quote above her reads: "Molke was a revelation: a fun, comfortable, natural bra that finally reflects the kind of woman that I am - Estelle"

Frame 10 - A pale blue background with the text "Molke, celebrating women every day." Two white lines are drawn across the screen framing the text and then the screen fades to black.