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A pile of tangled measuring tapes with the Molke logo on the casing.

A storm in a G cup? A customer's guide to buying your first Molke - Lindsay Judge


Salutations. I am your Fairy Titmother. Or something like that. I’m not on the Molke payroll, I’m just a nerd with a love for their bras, an embarrassingly over-full bra drawer and a penchant for hanging around the Molke pages like a groupie. 

One thing I’ve noticed is a huge sense of panic amongst new Molkers when choosing which size to buy. And I totally get it. Buying a bra can be a bloody ordeal. Different shops have different measuring techniques and that’s without factoring in lack of training and general ineptitude. You give up and try and guess your size, which inevitably ends up with your tits falling out of the bottom or a fetching four breasted look.   And then you try and buy a Molke and everything you’ve learned is blown out of the water and into Medium Thunder cups.

Molke bra size chart.


Don’t panic. It honestly isn’t as hard as it seems. I promise. You will need a tape measure, but it’s worth the minor inconvenience of rummaging through the Crap Drawer to find it tangled amongst old Nokia chargers.  Here’s a couple of pointers. Pun intended.

  • Make sure you measure yourself. Anything you’ve learned from High Street stores may be considerably different to your actual size. For example, one well know shop I shall not mention by name measured me as a 36C. You only need to take one look at me to know I’m not a C cup. My Molke measurement is 38GG or 36H. Depending on cheese consumption…
  • Molke recommend that you use their website calculator, and it’s a good starting point (more on this later). If you have recently used the Boob or Bust calculator or A Bra That Fits calculator then that is likely to work for you also.
  • If you’re in the Fans of Molke group, try popping your new bra size into the search feature to see who’s posted before. It’s likely that you’ll find several threads detailing what size Molke other women have bought. This is particularly useful if you’re ordering from overseas and don’t fancy the return costs.
  • Don’t stress about getting it “wrong”. This is what I see a lot of women stressing about and it’s honestly not a huge thing. Firstly, their returns policy is ridiculously easy (just make sure you send it back clean fgs…). Secondly, you can flog it on the unaffiliated Facebook BST (buy sell trade) group for pretty much what you paid for it. Thirdly (I’m not even sure that’s a word), “wrong” is surprisingly subjective. See my next point.
  • You may find that more than one Molke size suits you. I am officially a 36H, but this can fluctuate to 38GG. I have four sizes of Molke in my drawer. Large Stellar, Large Super, Large Mega and Medium Mega. They all get worn regularly. I’d say the Medium Mega is my “correct” size as it gives me the best boob shape, but the others all have their place. So “not right” isn’t necessarily “wrong”.
  • You may also find that one perfect size meets all your needs, throughout pregnancy, breastfeeding, weight fluctuation, surgery etc. Molke have a degree of stretch to them (the variations of which are a whole other blog post waiting to happen) which means that they will accommodate fluctuations far better than most other brands.

Now, GO AND BUY IT!!  

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    Fantastic & Amazing – what more can one girl say! I’m a 28H & sick of wires sticking in my rib-cage! There are very few places that sell my size at all. Thankyou to the amazing pixies who have created comfort, support & quality, it’s also nice to at last be able to buy a primarily cotton bra as all others in my size are man made fabric! Wore a pair of your pants today for the 1st time, so well fitting – another lovely surprise! Keep doing all you are for us to enjoy & accept our bodies.

    Nicole Robinson
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