Bra Calculator

Calculate Your Molke Bra Size

We want your boobs to be happy! This calculator is a great starting point to finding your Molke bra size. Please refer to the guidance images below the calculator and if ever in doubt, please contact us and one of our Pixies will be happy to advise.

**Please take the following measurements with your bra off:

1. Measure your underbust in inches firmly on skin keeping the tape parallel

2. Measure around your bust at the fullest point standing (in inches), keeping tape parallel

3. Measure around your bust leaning over at right angles (in inches)

If you need any advice or assistance with finding your Molke bra size please contact us here or via email.

1. While standing, measure directly underneath your breasts - holding the tape firmly and parallel.

2. Measure your boobs at their fullest point - this might not be over your nipples.

3. While leaning over at 90 degreess, measure your boobs at their fullest point.

* if you are breastfeeding be sure to take your measurement before a feed or when your boobs are full.

Measuring Tip!

Most women have one boob bigger than the other. If you have one noticeably larger and are measuring for the Molke Bra Calculator we recommend measuring from the middle of your chest to the middle of your back on the larger side and doubling the measurement.