These are some of the most common questions that the Pixies get asked. If you can't find the answers you're looking for please get in touch or send us an email on pixie@molke.co.uk!


Q: Will you be you restocking *design* in my size?

A: We make all of our Original Molkes here in rural Perthshire in Scotland and we add new stock to the website every day.  We have been working really hard to increase our team and our capacity, in order to keep up with demand.  If you have your eye on a particular design, we have a handy stock alert system on each product listing, where if the size you require isn't available then you can select to be notified via email as soon as that size and colour/print is restocked.

Q: Are your bras padded? Will my nipples show?

A: Our bras are not padded. On our Original Molke bras each cup is lined with an extra layer of our lovely cotton jersey to provide extra support which some customers find is enough to conceal nipples. We do have some customers who choose to wear pads in the cups. We would recommend joining our Fans of Molke Facebook group and having a search through there as this is something that has come up a few times.

Q: Are your bras suitable for breastfeeding?

A: Yes! The Original Molke bra was initially designed with easy access for breastfeeding in mind. The design of the bra allows you to easily slide a cup to the side and out of the way without having to deal with fiddly clips or hooks. The Flexi-Size bra wasn't designed as a nursing bra, but some customers have found that it allows fairly easy access for feeding.  We wouldn't recommend it for that purpose unless supply is well established.

Q: Do you have any bras that fasten instead of putting it on like a top?

A: Yes we do!  Our Flexi-Size bra has a more traditional hook and eye fastening, which works well for those who have accessibility issues with the Original Molke design.

Q: Do you make swimwear?

A: We have a small, but fabulous, mix and match Swim range available here. This range is intended to give you all of the signature Molke comfort and support, whether you are on the beach, in the hot tub or putting in some lengths at your local pool. 

Q: Is your fabric organic?

All of our fabric is OEKO-TEX certified and our printed fabrics are all GOTS certified organic.  We are working on moving over to 100% GOTS certified organic in the near future and you can read more about our sustainability choices here.


Q: I am a size *insert size here*, what Molke size would you recommend?

A: We would definitely recommend popping over to our size calculator and measuring yourself as per the instructions there. This will give you a good starting point to finding you Molke size. Alternatively if you would like more help with sizing please drop us an email at pixie@molke.co.uk with more info and we will be able to offer some advice.

Q: Can I come to Molke HQ and get a fitting?

A: *At the moment due to Covid -19 restrictions we are currently unable to offer this service. Please email pixie@molke.co.uk for a fit check.*

We love it when people come to visit and we are always happy to help you find your perfect fit. We would always ask that you drop us a message or give us a call in advance to let us know you are coming in so we can make sure there is someone available to help.

Q: How do I measure myself for the calculator?

A: We have a handy video on our YouTube channel with advice on how to take the three measurements. You can watch it here!

Q: I'm currently breastfeeding, when should I measure?

A: If you are breastfeeding it is best to measure yourself when you are at your fullest in order to get a size that will be best for your needs. When you try the bra on do make sure there are no tight spots that could cause block ducts or mastitis. If you need a bra to wear at night you can go up in the band so it’s extra comfy whilst still holding breast pads in place.

Q: The size calculator has an error message or it says your size isn't covered?

A: If you encounter any issues or error messages with the size calculator please get in touch with us using the 'Contact us' form or via email at pixie@molke.co.uk and a member of the team will be happy to help further.

Q: How do I put on/take off my Molke bra?

A: We have a handy video on our YouTube channel demonstrating a couple of common techniques for putting on/taking off your Molke bra. You can watch it here!

Q: What is a swoop and scoop?

A: When you try on any bra it is important to do a full swoop and scoop. This means you use your hand to bring all you breast tissue up into the cup and round from under your arm. When all of your breast tissue is in the cup you will be able to accurately tell if the bra is a good fit for you and you will have the best, most comfortable support.

Q: What do the fabric ratings mean?

A: Due to the processes involved in knitting and dyeing our fabric there will be slight variation in the finished product. To help you understand the fit of our Original Molke bras better, we have added in to the website some fabric ratings. Each product listing has a number image noted clearly in the description.

1 - Comfort fit
Ideal for wearing at night, breastfeeding or those who prefer a softer relaxed fit. If you want more support we would recommend sizing down in the cup.

2 - Everyday fit
Great support for everyday wear, these fabrics will give you the comfort you love from a Molke bra

3 - Firm fit
Great for low impact sports or bigger boobs, our firmer fabrics will hold everything in place whilst still offering Molke comfort.

Q: Do I need to change sizes for different ratings?

A: Most of our customers happily wear the same size in all fabric ratings. However, if on the cusp of sizes the slight changes in fabric can be enough to push you up or down into the next cups. For example you may be a 34GG and wear the M/Super in ratings 2s and 3s, but to maintain a higher level of support you may find you can go down to the M/Cosmic in the ratings 1. 

Q: Do you offer custom alterations?

No. We are still only a small team and are currently unable to accommodate custom requests. Offering custom options such as longer/shorter straps and reverse crossovers was trialled twice in the past as we wanted to try and make the bras as accessible for as many people as we could. Unfortunately it was unfeasible as it was disruptive to the production process and wasn’t a sustainable option for the company. 


Q: Do you ever do discounts/sales?

A: We believe in the value of our products and our customers so we don't run sales. We always strive to offer consistent pricing without fuss or gimmicks. We want you to know you will always receive the same quality, ethically made garments you have come to know and love.

We do have Outlet and Last Chance sections on our website where you'll find a selection of second quality items and end of line stock at a discounted price. Selling these items helps us to reduce waste and you might grab a bargain or rare item. There are a few reasons why items could be in the outlet section and we are unable to specify the reason on each individual item.

When you buy from us, as well as receiving a well-made ethically sourced item, you are also supporting a small business that pays the Real Living Wage to it's staff. 

Q: Do you sell gift cards?

A: We do. You can find them here. Our gift cards are sent as e-vouchers so you will receive them via email directly after purchase. We do not send anything to you in the post.

Q: Do you ship internationally?

A: We are happy to confirm that we ship worldwide. Postage within the UK is £3.95, within Europe £6.50 and £8 for the rest of the world.

Q: I need to return my bra, how do I do this?

A: If you live in the UK you can use our free returns portal which can be found here. We are happy to offer a full refund of any items that are returned to us in their original condition.

Returning outside of the UK, please return the item using to the returns address enclosed with your order. Whilst we are unable to provide free return postage outside of the UK, we do refund the original postage charge for all orders returned in full. 

Our Delivery and Returns page can be found here. 

Q: Will I get my shipping refunded?

A: If you are returning an entire order we will refund your shipping costs too. If you decide to keep anything from your order you will only be refunded for what you return. You can find more information in our Terms and Conditions.

Q: Can I return for an exchange?

A: We no longer offer exchanges at Molke. If you would like to try a different size please return for a refund and reorder.

Q: What packaging do you use?

A: We do not use any plastic in our packaging here at Molke. Your item will come wrapped in 100% recycled tissue inside a reusable and fully recyclable mailer bag. Our information leaflets and invoices are all printed on recycled paper.


Q. I was expecting the swimwear to be the same design as the Molke bra.

A. We have trialled the Molke bra as a swim bra design, however the combination of the design and swim fabric makes for a swim bra that would be near impossible to take on or off. The change in fabric also affects the integrity of the design. We are continuing to work on our swim range though and we do hope in the future to offer a swimwear design in a similar style as the Molke bra. In the meantime we have been working hard on the Molke Flexi-size Swim Bra design, taking on board lots of customer feedback over the past three years, to create a product that we believe not only works well but looks great!

Q. Is Molke Swim suitable for swimming, or just for wearing on holiday?

A. Molke Swim is made with Ultrachlorine resistant fabric. The Molke Flexi-size Swim Bra and Tankini offer support and containment as well as being pilling resistant, making it suitable for pounding some lengths in your local pool. It also offers UV protection so if you do get some sun, rest assured your Molke Flexi-size Swimwear will hold up well.

Q. I cannot see my size in the chart?

A. Please don’t panic if your size isn’t in the current chart. This is an initial limited run, but more sizes and swim styles are in development currently. 

Q. How do I work out which size to order?

A. We recommend measuring using the Molke calculator.  This will give you your UK size, Molke size and Flexi-Size.  You can also use the chart below with your standard UK size to find your Flexi-Size. Each Molke Flexi-size Swim Bra will cover a range of 6 sizes. You choose your 'Flexi-Size', which is the middle size of each group. For Swim briefs please use our standard pants size guide.

 Molke Flexi-Size Guide. Please email pixie@molke.co.uk if you need assistance with finding your size.


Please email pixie@molke.co.uk if you have any questions before purchasing the Molke Flexi-Size Swim Bra or Tankini.

Q. Where is the swimwear made?

A. The swimwear is currently made in an ethical factory in Romania that we have visited and inspected to ensure it complies with our ethical policies. We would love to be able to manufacture the swimwear in house, but at the moment due to social distancing restrictions we are unable to increase the team to accommodate this. It’s on our long term plans!

Q. What is the swimwear made of?

A. The swim fabric is recycled polyamide made from ECONYL® yarn, a 100% regenerated nylon yarn derived from pre and post industrial waste such as discarded fishing nets, carpet fluff (the top part of Nylon carpets), tulle etc. This yarn not only keeps plastics out of landfill but is also made without using fossil fuels during the production.

Q. Are the Swim Bra and Tankini adjustable?

A. Yes! Both our Swim Bra and Tankini have at least three adjustable elements.

Firstly, they are both made with extended hook and eye fastening to accommodate 3 band sizes. This allows for size fluctuation and means you can find a band size that gives you both support and comfort.  These fasteners also make it much easier to get on and off (especially after a swim!).

Both styles come with wide, supportive and adjustable straps which can be lengthened or shortened to suit your shape and ensure that the cup is fitting well.

The third adjustable element (which we particularly love!) is the neckline. You can tighten or loosen the ruching at the front to create either a retro sweet-heart neckline or have a more sporty straight neckline that is great if you are wanting to ensure everything stays put whilst you swim.

The tankini comes with one extra adjustable option, which is to the length.  With the side adjustable drawstring, you can increase the ruche or lengthen the tankini to suit your style and comfort.