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Q: Will you be you restocking *design* in my size?

working really hard to increase our team and our capacity, in order to keep up with demand.  If you have your eye on a particular design, we have a handy stock alert system on each product listing, where if the size you require isn't available then you can select to be notified via email as soon as that size and colour/print is restocked.

Q: Are your bras padded? Will my nipples show?

A: Our bras are not padded. On our Original Molke bras each cup is lined with an extra layer of our lovely cotton jersey to provide extra support which some customers find is enough to conceal nipples. If you would like to check with other Molke wearers, we would recommend joining our Fans of Molke Facebook group as the lovely folk on there are always happy to share reviews and honest feedback.

Q: Are your bras suitable for breastfeeding?

A: Yes! The Original Molke bra was initially designed with easy access for breastfeeding in mind. The design of the bra allows you to easily slide a cup to the side and out of the way without having to deal with fiddly clips or hooks. The Flexi-Size bra wasn't designed as a nursing bra, but some customers have found that it allows fairly easy access for feeding.  We wouldn't recommend it for that purpose unless supply is well established due to the risk of blocked ducts.

Q: Do you have any bras that fasten instead of putting it on like a top?

A: Yes we do!  Our Flexi-Size bra has a more traditional hook and eye fastening, which works well for those who have accessibility issues with the Original Molke design.

A: Yes we do!  Our Flexi-Size bra has a more traditional hook and eye fastening, which works well for those who have accessibility issues with the Original Molke design.

A: We have a small, but fabulous, mix and match Swim range available here. This range is intended to give you all of the signature Molke comfort and support, whether you are on the beach, in the hot tub or putting in some lengths at your local pool. 

Q: Is your fabric organic?

All of our fabric is GOTS certified organic cotton jersey.


Q: I am a size *insert size here*, what Molke size would you recommend?

A: We would definitely recommend popping over to our size calculator and measuring yourself as per the instructions there. This will give you your suggested starting sizes in both styles of bra and is a great starting point to finding you Molke size. Alternatively if you would like more help with sizing, please drop us an email at with more info and we will be able to offer some advice. You can also book a Virtual Fitting with us to check over your size.

Q: Can I come to Molke HQ and get a fitting?

A: At the moment we are not quite set up for doing in-person fittings however we do offer a Virtual Fitting service. For more information take a look at our Virtual Fittings page.

Q: How do I measure myself for the calculator?

A: We have a handy video on our YouTube channel with advice on how to take the three measurements. You can watch it here! We also have diagrams below the size calculator which show how to measure, which you may find handy.

Q: I'm currently breastfeeding, when should I measure?

A: If you are breastfeeding it is best to measure yourself when you are at your fullest in order to get a size that will be best for your needs. When you try the bra on do make sure there are no tight spots that could cause block ducts or mastitis. If you need a bra to wear at night you can go up in the band so it’s extra comfy whilst still holding breast pads in place.

Q: I am pregnant, when is the best time to measure?

Our bras are a great option during pregnancy and the early days of parenting as they allow for size fluctuations and offer comfort when comfort is most needed! Your comfort is our top priority and hopefully any style will be super comfy for you.

When it comes to the best time to measure, there isn't a definitive answer for this. All of our bodies change in different ways and to different degrees during pregnancy, but we usually recommend that if you are ordering before 36 weeks then you might want to size up in the band (and possibly the cup too!) to allow for your ribs to expand and give extra comfort.

As always, our lovely fitting team are always happy to chat over the specifics with you on instant chat, message or email so please get in touch.

Q: The size calculator has an error message or it says your size isn't covered?

A: If you encounter any issues or error messages with the size calculator please get in touch with us using the 'Contact us' form or via email at and a member of the team will be happy to help further. Please also check that you have entered your measurements in inches.

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