About Us

The Molke Story

Kirsty and Ros looking happy in a circle. Kirsty has colourful short hair and is on the left. Ros has brown long hair and is on the right. Both women are wearing colourful Molke bras and are doing jazz hands.It began in 2015 with one woman, a desire for comfortable bras and a sewing machine in her kitchen. After drawing out the pattern with her kids’ colouring pens Kirsty set to making a comfortable and colourful bra that she was soon selling to other women looking for the same comfort and support. With the help of her friends she designed the bras to be suitable for a wide range of sizes. Ros joined to help Kirsty in 2016 and Molke was officially born.

Since then Molke has grown to give support and comfort to people all over the world, offering a range of underwear, clothing items and accessories. We make all of our Original bras here in our small factory in Perthshire Scotland and strive to reduce our waste wherever possible. We are passionate about slow fashion and sustainable growth and believe we have a responsibility to look after our planet.

The Living Wage plaque that sits outside our front door.

Our amazing team of staff are paid a Real Living Wage and are included in the design and development of our products. While we don't make all of our items here yet, we are very keen to make every effort to grow our production team and aim to eventually make all of our items in house.

Molke's colourful fabrics are designed just for us and are completely unique! You can be sure when you buy something from Molke you're wearing something that's made with passion, by people that care. If you have any questions about Molke you can get in touch here. You can also find us on TikTokTwitter, Instagram and Facebook.

A group of models all wearing the Power set. Kirsty and Ros stand in the middle of group wearing jeans and a black baggy tshirt. Everyone is smiling.