About Us

The Molke Story

Kirsty and Ros looking happy in a circle. Kirsty has colourful short hair and is on the left. Ros has brown long hair and is on the right. Both women are wearing colourful Molke bras and are doing jazz hands.

In 2017 two women embarked on a journey to bring confidence boosting bras and positive pants to women all over the world. Their ethical, honest and body positive underwear is designed to make women feel empowered, strong and free from the constraints that come with the stereotypical and limiting underwear that is available on the high street.

It was an ambition to bring comfort, power and joy to all ages and all body types, that led to Kirsty and Ros joining forces and establishing Molke.

The story does not start there though. In 2012, as a new mum, Kirsty began to work with textiles and created a range of cloth nappies for her new baby boy. Her nappies were extremely popular and soon enough she was taking orders and established her own business ‘Billy Bums’ in 2012. Not long later Kirsty began designing and creating clothing for breastfeeding women. In 2016, after making herself her first bra, Kirsty started selling bras and her business soared. Ros came on board to assist with the day to day admin and running of the business and just months later they officially joined forces and Molke was born.

The Living Wage plaque that sits outside our front door.

Since then Molke has gone from strength to strength, empowering and changing the lives of women every step of the way. It was not long before they were  established as a limited company, with their own premises and a dedicated team of employees.

Molke pride themselves on designing their underwear around real bodies. With no computer generated designs or estimated sizing, everything is based around the real bodies of real women. They boast a huge range of sizes, making their clothing accessible for bodies of all shapes.

A group of models all wearing the Power set. Kirsty and Ros stand in the middle of group wearing jeans and a black baggy tshirt. Everyone is smiling.