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Fat, Black and Disabled: why I will continue speaking up for the Body Positive Movement

Nov 15, '23

I saw a comment under a post on body positivity the other day that said “I just want to follow a plus-size page without political drama”. And, I get that. I do. As a fat, Black, disabled woman, believe me when I say I am tired of talking about my body....

Menopause has been a dirty word for too long! By Karen Janes

Nov 2, '23

My work combining Psychology and Energy Healing means that I talk to many midlife women experiencing hormonal changes. The overwhelming feeling is that it sucks! And what if you’re under 45, or even 40? Maybe you don’t have hot flushes or you’re still having regular periods – then it can’t...

Don't wait for permission to love yourself

Aug 10, '23

“Oh they really love themselves” said with a judging sneer. We’ve all heard this at some point in our lives whether about us, someone else, or in passing. But why does it have such a sting? Loving ourselves can be seen as acceptable by society, but usually only when there...

Disability representation matters - by Fiona Kerr

Jul 31, '23

Disabled people are the largest minority by population and the only minority you can join at any moment, yet we have some of the least representation, especially within the fashion industry.

We're on TV - by Kirsty Lunn

Jul 13, '232 comments

We're on TV!! And what's even better, is we are on TV because of our commitment to diversity and inclusion! Earlier this year, we were incredibly proud to win STV's Inclusion Fund, which recognises Scottish businesses who are championing diversity and inclusion in their marketing and company ethos. This award...