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Getting to know Ros - the lesser photographed Molke boss!

Aug 19, '19

A lot of you will know Ros but some of you might not. She can be quite mysterious but she plays a major part in the awesomeness that is Molke and if you have ever emailed in for a fit check there is a good chance you will have spoken to her at some point. We think it’s only fair that Ros gets her time to shine, so we have asked her a few questions so you can get to know the mystery member of the Molke team…

7 Things I Learned When I Had a Hysterectomy and went into Surgical Menopause as a 20-something, Disabled Lesbian - N. C. Arthur

Aug 2, '19

Throughout my experience I learned many things that added together gave me a very unique experience as a young, disabled, obese, lesbian, genderqueer woman, living in the South West of England with preexisting medical conditions, therefore this account may not be reflective of the every lesbian 20-something, but it’s mine.

A storm in a G cup? A customer's guide to buying your first Molke - Lindsay Judge

Jul 26, '19

Salutations. I am your Fairy Titmother. Or something like that. I’m not on the Molke payroll, I’m just a nerd with a love for their bras, an embarrassingly over-full bra drawer and a penchant for hanging around the Molke pages like a groupie.