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Leggings Update!

Nov 5, '19

I’m sure by now you will have seen the photos featuring our awesome customers in the new Molke leggings! We hope you are all as excited as we are about the new products we have coming to Molke.  We are always working super hard to meet the demand of bras,...

Getting to know Ros - the lesser photographed Molke boss!

Aug 19, '19

A lot of you will know Ros but some of you might not. She can be quite mysterious but she plays a major part in the awesomeness that is Molke and if you have ever emailed in for a fit check there is a good chance you will have spoken to her at some point. We think it’s only fair that Ros gets her time to shine, so we have asked her a few questions so you can get to know the mystery member of the Molke team…

7 Things I Learned When I Had a Hysterectomy and went into Surgical Menopause as a 20-something, Disabled Lesbian - N. C. Arthur

Aug 2, '19

Throughout my experience I learned many things that added together gave me a very unique experience as a young, disabled, obese, lesbian, genderqueer woman, living in the South West of England with preexisting medical conditions, therefore this account may not be reflective of the every lesbian 20-something, but it’s mine.