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Fat, Disabled, Worthy

Oct 11, '211 comment

As a writer and plus-size disabled content creator, I am all about inclusivity. You’ll see me talk about it all the time if you follow me. I am passionate about not only discussing my life as a fat person with multiple chronic conditions (hEDS, fibromyalgia, MCAS, endometriosis, chronic migraine, anxiety...

Mental Health: No Typical Face

Sep 2, '21

What do Scottish Conservative politician, Ruth Davidson, Olympic gold medal-winning athlete Dame Kelly Holmes, fashion stylish Gok Wan, Welsh actress Catherine Zeta-Jones and singer-songwriter Adele all have in common? They have all been successful in their chosen fields. Yes... And they have all spoken publicly about their mental health struggles...

These Boobs Are... a Sensitive Subject

Aug 16, '214 comments

When I set out to write this I thought it would be easy. Now, as I sit down to my fourth attempt I realise the impact my boobs have had on my life. Do I write about the delay in growth then the sudden burst of growth made me go...

These Boobs are.... Home Grown

Aug 4, '213 comments

Doctors made a mistake when I was born. They took a look at me, then said “it’s a boy” — except I’m not. I’m a transgender woman.Being trans is equal parts amazing and confusing. It’s confusing because the sheer lack of representation in media and in education means you have to figure out...


Jul 26, '215 comments

We make no secret of the fact that we think ALL bodies are awesome and deserve to be catered for, seen and celebrated.  But when it comes to breasts, there is a very narrow representation put out in the media of what they ‘should’ look like. With #MolkeBreastFest we are busting some of the myths around boobs and celebrating breasts of all shapes and sizes!