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Customer Satisfaction

Oct 20, '20

We believe that our customers deserve the very best from us and our products. We recently asked you to complete a customer satisfaction survey so we could have a look at where we could improve and what products we could bring to you in the future.

Molke Swim FAQs

Aug 21, '20

We are super excited to be releasing the first instalment of Molke Swim next week. We’ve been working on it for so long, it feels great to finally have you able to try it and we hope you love it! We know you’ve all had lots of questions about it so we’ve put together some FAQs to answer all the questions we’ve seen you asking. Please feel free to get in touch if you have any other questions!

Accessibility on Social Media

Jul 31, '20

A lot of you have noticed that we have started adding image descriptions on our social media posts. We have had quite a few questions about it so wanted to give you a little more info about what they are and why we’ve decided to use them.

Mental Health in Lockdown - Finding Hope

Jul 3, '20

I have always had a bit of a fear of pandemics, a fear that my family and friends have often regarded as slightly irrational. Before the call came to stay at home I was anxiously refreshing live news coverage every five minutes as I had been for the last couple of weeks. I. Did. Not. Like. It.