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Sustainable fashion – the choices we make at Molke

Apr 23, '21

As you know we have always been focused on offering you a sustainable option for underwear, swimwear and clothes shopping. When we first came to designing and making our products, we had a lot of things to consider when bridging the gap between sustainable and functional. We think it’s important...

Endometriosis Awareness Month

Mar 2, '211 comment

March is Endometriosis Awareness Month and we have asked Vicky Chapman to write an introduction for us about the condition and her experience of living with it. 

Let's talk about sizing...

Feb 9, '2111 comments

Bra sizing can seem like a bit of a mystery and our calculated size can sometimes come as a surprise. So, what is going on? With a high proportion of women in the UK wearing the wrong size of bra, a historical issue is that many high street retailers use...

Finding your perfect Flexi-Size

Jan 26, '21

Let’s talk about Flexi-sizing! Our Molke Swim range and our Flexi-Size Bra both come in our new Flexi-Sizing, which is designed to help you find the perfect support, fit and comfort from your Swimwear or Bra. So, what is Flexi-Sizing? Each Molke Flexi-Size covers a range of 6 ‘sister sizes’. ...

Customer Satisfaction

Oct 20, '20

We believe that our customers deserve the very best from us and our products. We recently asked you to complete a customer satisfaction survey so we could have a look at where we could improve and what products we could bring to you in the future.