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Mental Health in Lockdown - Finding Hope

Jul 3, '20

I have always had a bit of a fear of pandemics, a fear that my family and friends have often regarded as slightly irrational. Before the call came to stay at home I was anxiously refreshing live news coverage every five minutes as I had been for the last couple of weeks. I. Did. Not. Like. It.

International Women's Day 2020

Mar 2, '201 comment

This year for International Women's Day, we are inviting you to start changing the way you talk about yourself. There is nothing to be gained by diminishing yourself – you are #NotJust.

Sustainability and CSP

Feb 28, '202 comments

I was lucky enough to attend the Hunter foundation dinner where the legend himself Sir David Attenborough spoke about his work and climate change. It’s hard not to come away inspired from hearing him talk. He’s so passionate and that passion was infectious. I left the evening with my brain whirring thinking about ways we could push our sustainability, further reducing our impact on the environment.

Ovarian Cancer Awareness - Fi Munro

Jan 29, '20

Fi Munro is an award winning researcher, author, public speaker and so much more. Since her diagnosis of stage four ovarian cancer in 2016, she has learned the importance of living for the moment and has encouraged others to do the same. She has written some words about working with Molke...