Our Values

At Molke we have 3 core values.

We are Ethical. We are Inclusive. We are Honest.

Molke is ethical against a pink background


We have always had a strong commitment to sustainable and social responsible practices, with ethics being paramount to the production and manufacturing of all our products.

We really believe in prioritising the wellbeing of our wonderful staff so along with being Real Living Wage and Real Living Hours accredited, we also have a number of wellbeing initiatives and accreditations. This includes being an Endometriosis Friendly employer and being a founder member of Neurodiversity In Business.

We pride ourselves on standing against fast fashion which is detrimental to the environment, encourages unfair working conditions and produces poor quality clothes. We strive to create a positive impact on people and limit our impact on the environment wherever possible.

Molke HQ is located in Perthshire, Scotland and we make the majority of our products here in our small factory. We are working hard to move all of our production to Scotland and the wider UK, but we have also used a vertical factory in Portugal to produce a couple of our products (details of where things are made are listed in the individual product listings). The factories we work with have all been visited and have ongoing assessments to make sure that they adhere to our working practices.

The cotton jersey in our products is made with GOTS certified organic cotton. The ECONYL® yarn used in our swimwear is made of recycled nylon waste, which is derived from things like old carpets and discarded fishing nets. 

We work hard to minimise the waste across all aspects of our production process. Our waste scraps are saved and used in the gussets of our briefs, made into headbands or are collected and passed on to schools and the local community. We strive to minimise plastic at every level of production from tags all the way to mail bags, and use recycled or organic products wherever possible.


'Molke is inclusive' against a purple patterned background


We pride ourselves on celebrating ALL bodies and creating a brand that truly represents our customer base. Promoting diversity and inclusion will always be a core value for us as we believe everyone deserves underwear that fits, is comfortable and offers great support. We want people to see themselves represented within our marketing and in our messaging, and to feel part of a wider community.

We have one of the widest size ranges in non-wired bras in the UK. We will continue to push this and our product range even further, to cater for more people, and especially those in marginalised bodies.

Rather than just paying lip service to these values, we try and show our support in many other ways. An example of this is donating to LGBTQI+ charities for every item of our Pride range that we sell and sponsoring the fabulous local Perthshire Pride.


'Molke is honest' on a blue patterned background


Being open and honest with our customers is key for us. We believe in being transparent about what we do and how we do it, and try to stay away from marketing jargon. We are always happy to answer questions and will do it without greenwashing, pinkwashing or any other type of washing!

We mean what we say and we show that through our words and actions.

We are always listening and learning. We believe it is vital to regularly evaluate where we can improve our service and we listen to the suggestions from our customers while still maintaining our core values of ethical, inclusivity and honesty.

Please feel free to get in touch if you have any questions or comments about what we do here by emailing pixie@molke.co.uk.

A woman stands in a field of wheat with her arms out and the sky is blue. She looks content. She is wearing a set of Molke underwear in the Blue Tits fabric. It is yellow with illustrated birds on it an a light blue trim.