Our Values

We pledge a commitment to sustainability and the environment, with ethics being paramount to the production and manufacturing of all our products.

Our underwear is designed and created here in Scotland on our own premises, and with fair pay and excellent working conditions for our staff. We pride ourselves on standing against fast fashion and are accredited Living Wage employers. We believe fast fashion is detrimental to the environment, encourages unfair working conditions and produces poor quality clothes. We strive to create a positive impact on people and the environment, so ethics are at the heart of our brand.

We donate our scrap fabric to organisations like Remake Scotland, where the fabric is reused to create a whole range of items. We strive to minimise plastic at every level of production from tags all the way to mail bags, and use recycled or organic products wherever possible.

We were rewarded for our commitment to sustainability in 2018 when we won an award from the Perth Chamber of Commerce for our efforts and continued work.

A woman stands in a field of wheat with her arms out and the sky is blue. She looks content. She is wearing a set of Molke underwear in the Blue Tits fabric. It is yellow with illustrated birds on it an a light blue trim.