Finding your perfect Flexi-Size

Finding your perfect Flexi-Size

Jan 26, '21

Let’s talk about Flexi-sizing! Our Molke Swim range comes in our new Flexi-Sizing, which is designed to help you find the perfect support, fit and comfort from your Swim Bra or Tankini.

So, what is Flexi-Sizing? Each Molke Flexi-Size covers a range of 6 ‘sister sizes’. Both our Tankini and Swim Bras are designed with extended hook and eye fastening to accommodate three band sizes.  This means a 34" band in Flexi-Size, covers 32", 34" and 36” bands in regular UK sizing. Our Swim-Bra and Tankini are firmer than a Molke bra due to the material, and so if you usually go down a band size in the bra, you may find that you are not able to in the Swim.  The straps are also fully adjustable and so together, these help you to get the best fit and comfort for your body.

To find your Flexi-Size we would always recommend grabbing a tape measure and heading to our Molke size calculator.  We ask you to take three measurements with your bra off.

  • The first one is your underbust – you need to measure with the tape snug against your skin, keeping it parallel. 
  • Second is around the fullest point of your bust.
  • The last one is measure around your bust whilst you are leaning over at right angles.

Once you have all three of these, you can pop them into our calculator and it will generate your UK size and your Molke size.  To find your Flexi-Size, check your UK size against our Flexi-Size chart below and choose the middle size of each group.

Molke Swim Bra Flexi-Size Guide. Please email if you need assistance with finding your size.

Zoomed in view of the Swim Bra size chart with the size 32 G located with arrows pointing to it. The bra sizes are dots in a chart with larger highlighted labelled groupings.The same section of the size chat with the larger group of six sizes circled in red. The group is labelled 34 F/FF - this is the Flexi-Size for six different sizes including 32 G.

We recognise that every body is different and we all want different things from our bras and swimwear. Your calculator size is a good starting point, but you may find you prefer a tighter band or more space in the cup, for example. This is why we offer free UK returns, so if you try a size and it’s not quite right, you can return it and try a different size. Our fitting team are also always on hand to help with sizing so you can drop us an email at

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