Getting to know Ros - the lesser photographed Molke boss!

Getting to know Ros - the lesser photographed Molke boss!

Aug 19, '19

A lot of you will know Ros but some of you might not. She can be quite mysterious but she plays a major part in the awesomeness that is Molke and if you have ever emailed in for a fit check there is a good chance you will have spoken to her at some point. We think it’s only fair that Ros gets her time to shine, so we have asked her a few questions so you can get to know the mystery member of the Molke team…

Hi Ros! Tell us a bit about how you got involved with Kirsty and what your role is here at Molke.

Kirsty and I met a few years ago through a local Nappucino group for parents that used reusable nappies. When the group lost funding a few of us decided to volunteer to run it - myself and Kirsty included. We turned it into a combined sling library and cloth nappy group. Kirsty and I went on our baby wearing peer support training together and I think that is where we first bonded. I was the treasurer for the group and Kirsty knew I was an organised sort and asked me to help out with the admin and accounts side of things when she was working on the bra pattern. Little did Kirsty know that the demand would boom, or that in a few months we would be creating a Limited company and moving into our first unit.

Ros is looking at the camera while Kirsty looks at her making a kiss face. They are both wearing Molke bras.

Do you face any challenges being a woman in business?

Yes and no. What challenges we come across we break down everywhere we can. There is gender inequality in certain areas. We've been saddened and frustrated that on occasion we've had a better (or different) response from a business when they are approached by a male member of the team as opposed to the female. That shouldn't ever be the case and we are never shy from pointing it out. Balancing work and home life can always be a challenge especially when the emphasis for so long has been on the woman to juggle it all. As a female led business, we often have a different approach to some male led businesses that can be heavily profit focused, where as we are customer centric.  Our brand ethos is centered on empowering and we do include ourselves and our staff in that too!

Is there any advice you can give to young women looking to start their own business?

Believe in yourself and your idea. If you know there is a definite demand for it, then go for it. A penis is not a requirement to business success.

Are there any events or achievements that are particularly special to you? 

Our recent 2 year anniversary was pretty special. It was lovely seeing and sharing it with so many of the individuals who have helped us to get to this point and just taking a moment to consider everything we've achieved in a short space of time.

A group photo of Molke staff, friends and family outside Molke HQ on our 2nd birthday.

Did you imagine Molke would grow as quickly as it did? 

Heck to the no! It's been an insane ride, but a glorious one too. As a start-up business you have to go with the momentum and throw your heart into it.

Why are ethics such a key part of the company? 

Kirsty and I met through our joint environmental awareness. Sustainability, awareness of where items are made and how, has always mattered to us (even pre-Molke) and just because we run a company, we don't see why we should drop our social responsibility. We think women are awesome - in all shapes, in all sizes, in every single variation and we always intend to stay inclusive and true to that!

Where do you see Molke being in the next five years?

World domination!? We would like to see Molke as a recognised global brand that embraces the values that we hold dear - honesty, sustainability, body positivity and ya know… a heap of rainbows thrown in with that too!

Ros is on the phone in the old small unit. She is wearing a rainbow tie dyed bra.

When you aren’t at making boobs happy what do you love to do?

It's no secret that Kirsty and I enjoy some R&R with a good G&T (or two)! There is a lot of family time for me when it’s not Molke time, as I've 3 fab kids that take up a good deal of my time. My guilty pleasure and if I can get the time is running off and getting my nails done in lots of pretty colours!

What's your favourite print so far and what would you like to see in the future?

Really tough question - especially as I've a few sample ones that have never been seen outside of the workroom - ooooh! But my all-time favourites are the Space and the Knitting fabric we had for the crowdfunder campaign a couple of years ago. I would love to see a retro print - I will keep raising it at all our meetings until I get my way.

Model wearing an old knit bra design. The image is just of her chest.

And finally, a couple of questions from Kirsty!

If you were an animal what would you be?

A chameleon. I'm not one for standing out, but I do like to change my style a lot!

What is it like to work with someone as colourful and awesome as Kirsty?

Hmmm… Exciting, frustrating, hilarious and fun!

Ros is being hugged by Kirsty from behind. They are outside and the sun is shining on their faces.

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