Let's talk about sizing...

Let's talk about sizing...

Feb 9, '2121 comments

Bra sizing can seem like a bit of a mystery and our calculated size can sometimes come as a surprise.

So, what is going on? With a high proportion of women in the UK wearing the wrong size of bra, a historical issue is that many high street retailers use the ‘+4 method’ when it comes to measuring. This method takes your under bust measurement and adds on 4 or 5” (depending if it is an odd or even number) to get your band measurement. It was developed when bras were made from silk and satin and so had no stretch. Now the vast majority of bras have some sort of elastic or give in the material, and so this method is redundant and results in you wearing a bra that is too loose in the band. Why does this matter? It matters because the majority of support you get from your bra comes from the band. At Molke, we take your under bust measurement as it is and match it with the correct cup size for optimum fit, support and comfort.

In terms of cup size, if you have been wearing a traditionally measured bra, our cup size could be significantly larger. Cup sizes are not a standard size across all band sizes, so a DD cup in a 30” band isn’t the same as a DD cup in a 36” band. When you have a smaller band size, you usually have to go up in the cup size to get the same volume, support and comfort.

Our calculator size is very much a starting point. We recognise that every body is different and we all prefer different things in terms of fit, support and comfort. If you are unsure on what size you need to order, or want to check if your new bra is a good fit, please drop our expert fitting team an email at pixie@molke.co.uk and they will be happy to help.

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Molke on Sep 20, '21

Hi Jo, thanks for your question and one of our fitting team will come back to you on email shortly.

Jo on Sep 20, '21

Hi I’m very surprised by my bra size. I’m not bothered about it being bigger as such just want the right size. Been wearing a 36D t-shirt bra from M&S. According to my measurements which I triple checked I should be a 40 FF (XL cosmic in your size) . While I admit my bras are no longer that comfortable they’re not massively tight as this would suggest they would be. I really want to get the right size but this seems quite different, is this ‘normal’? I should say as well I don’t look like I have massive boobs so again cup size a surprise.

Molke on Sep 16, '21

Thank you for your comments and one of our fitting team will be in touch shortly to help you find your fit.

Claire on Sep 16, '21

According to your measuring guide you state I should be wearing a42 E or in your range a XL Cosmic 40F/FF.. . I am currently wearing a 42L!!!! Massive difference and I’m a tad confused…… Please advise on a possible size

Allison on Sep 16, '21

Similar to Hazel Reid I comfortably wear a 36/38 JJ depending on the brand but my Molke size came out as 44HH/2XL super. If I wear anything bigger than a 38 there’s no back support at all. What Molke size should I actually try?

Hazel Reid on Jul 23, '21

Hi, very unexpected bra size 40 H/HH, I normally wear a 36 K. I’m concerned that the band won’t provide enough support and will ride up with boobs hanging low.
I am also short from shoulder to bust line.
I make my own clothes, so I am confident of my shape and measurements.
What size would you recommend?

Molke on Jul 2, '21

Hi, one of our fab fitting team will be back in touch with you via email and should you have any more questions, please feel free to get in touch with us directly at pixie@molke.co.uk. Thanks

Mags Morris on Jul 2, '21

Why do your flexi bras jump from a 40 to a 46. I currently wear a 44D, what size should I choose?

Helen on Jul 2, '21

I’ve used your size calculator, still can’t choose a bra. I want max support (3?) in white (or a plain pastel colour) but what the heck is ‘band size’? Your calculator didn’t tell me my band size, and I’m not able to work it out, because I don’t even know what it is! Help!

Pamela Mcginley on Jul 2, '21

I am recovering from neck surgery and I am unable to put anything over my head so my biggest worry was wearing a bra, I am so pleased that the bras you make can go on feet first and over your hips then onto the breast which means I am able to wear my bras with no problem.

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