Let's talk about sizing...

Let's talk about sizing...

Feb 9, '2132 comments

Bra sizing can seem like a bit of a mystery and our calculated size can sometimes come as a surprise.

So, what is going on? With a high proportion of women in the UK wearing the wrong size of bra, a historical issue is that many high street retailers use the ‘+4 method’ when it comes to measuring. This method takes your under bust measurement and adds on 4 or 5” (depending if it is an odd or even number) to get your band measurement. It was developed when bras were made from silk and satin and so had no stretch. Now the vast majority of bras have some sort of elastic or give in the material, and so this method is redundant and results in you wearing a bra that is too loose in the band. Why does this matter? It matters because the majority of support you get from your bra comes from the band. At Molke, we take your under bust measurement as it is and match it with the correct cup size for optimum fit, support and comfort.

In terms of cup size, if you have been wearing a traditionally measured bra, our cup size could be significantly larger. Cup sizes are not a standard size across all band sizes, so a DD cup in a 30” band isn’t the same as a DD cup in a 36” band. When you have a smaller band size, you usually have to go up in the cup size to get the same volume, support and comfort.

Our calculator size is very much a starting point. We recognise that every body is different and we all prefer different things in terms of fit, support and comfort. If you are unsure on what size you need to order, or want to check if your new bra is a good fit, please drop our expert fitting team an email at pixie@molke.co.uk and they will be happy to help.

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Molke on Jun 13, '22

Hi Lucy, one of our fab fitting team will be in touch to see if they can help.

Lucy Quarteer on Jun 13, '22

I haven’t been measured in over 15 years I’m
Actually quite embarrassed. I currently use a bra extension on my 42 gg I have no idea where to start. Help…..

Molke on May 31, '22

Hi Sarah, if you drop us an email over to pixie@molke.co.uk, our wonderful fitting team will be more than happy to chat through how you can measure at home.

Sarah Bell on May 31, '22

I have been wearing a front fasten size 30-32 but it gives me no support
and rides up my back..I have no idea where to start with measuring and I’m am unable to get out and about so can’t go to a shop to get measured

Margaret Dearden on Feb 24, '22

Worried about size, I currently wear a 36 band.your sizing says 34, I have found this way too tight in past. The F/FF cup size should be fine, currently wearing a G – but it’s a tad too big- fits the width, but there’s not enough to fill it fully!!! So if I stick with a 36 should I still order F/FF – I think it said L Stella?

Pixie on Jan 17, '22

Hi, thanks for your comment, one of our awesome fitting team are going to drop you an email with all of the details. We hope you find something comfy!

Fii on Jan 17, '22

Hi guys! I’m pregnant and have pretty hefty boobs to begin with a friend recommended you guys to me. Should I go up a cup size to account for growth or will the Flexi bras do that? Can you adjust the straps (I’m short!)? Do you normally recommend the cross over style for breast feeding?

Molke on Nov 23, '21

Hi Ruth, I have passed your query over to our fab fitting team and one of them will be touch with you shortly.

Ruth on Nov 23, '21

Well I am surprised – I haven’t been measured for a long time but am roughly 36/38 and in the FF region and your calculator says my shop size would be 30 D and stellar in your range. I love firm support but think if I order this size it might not even go around….please advise….thank you

Billie on Oct 6, '21

I normally wear a M&S bra size 34BorC depending on style but you calculate my traditional size as 32E and a Molke size of 34DD/E. I’m confused as I only have little boobs and I think there would be loads of empty fabric and no support. What size do recommend to give me enough support so my boobs spin round corners the same time as my torso does?

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