Molke Swim FAQs

Molke Swim FAQs

Aug 21, '20

We are super excited to be releasing the first instalment of Molke Swim next week. We’ve been working on it for so long, it feels great to finally have it ready and we really hope you love it! You’ve all had lots of questions about the new swim range so we’ve put together some FAQs, which we hope will explain everything. Please feel free to get in touch if you have any other questions.

Q. I was expecting the swimwear to be the same design as the Molke bra.

A. We have trialled the Molke bra as a swim bra design, however the combination of the design and swim fabric makes for a swim bra that would be near impossible to take on or off. The change in fabric also affects the integrity of the design. We are continuing to work on our swim range though and we do hope in the future to offer a swimwear design in a similar style as the Molke bra. In the meantime we have been working hard on the Molke Flexi-size Swim Bra design, taking on board lots of customer feedback over the past three years, to create a product that we believe not only works well but looks great!

Q. Is Molke Swim suitable for swimming, or just for wearing on holiday?

A. Molke Swim is made with Ultrachlorine resistant fabric. The Molke Flexi-size Swim Bra offers support and containment as well as being pilling resistant, making it suitable for pounding some lengths in your local pool. It also offers UV protection so if you do get some sun, rest assured your Molke Flexi-size Swim Bra will hold up well.

Three models are wearing the Black Molke Swim sets and walking towards you in the woods with the loch behind them through the trees. The two on the left and right are really close to the camera and out of focus you can only see their torsos and tops of legs. The model in the middle is further back and in focus She is smiling widely.

Q. Is there only a bikini available in the Swim range?

A. The Molke swim range has been affected by delays due to Covid-19, however we have already developed a tankini and an alternative style of briefs which are to follow later this year. We are also working on new styles to bring out next year.

Q. I cannot see my size in the chart?

A. Please don’t panic if your size isn’t in the current chart. This is an initial limited run, but more sizes and swim styles are in development currently.

Q. Is the Swim range only available in Black?

A. At the moment we are launching an initial limited run in black (our most popular Molke bra colour!) but we will be adding some fab colour in the early Autumn as well as extending the range of items available.

Q. How do I work out which size to order?

A. We recommend measuring using the Molke calculator to work out your traditional bra size  first, then check against our Swim size chart below for the correct ‘Flexi-Size’ to order. Each Molke Flexi-size Swim Bra will cover a range of 6 sizes. You chose your 'Flexi-Size', which is the middle size of each group. For Swim briefs please use our standard pants size guide.

Molke Swim Bra Flexi-Size Guide. Please email if you need assistance with finding your size.

Please follow the following steps to work out which Flexi-Size to select when purchasing the Molke Felxi-Size Swim Bra:

Screenshot of the Molke Bra Calculator results with the traditional bra size 32 G circled.

Zoomed in view of the Swim Bra size chart with the size 32 G located with arrows pointing to it. The bra sizes are dots in a chart with larger highlighted labelled groupings.

The same section of the size chat with the larger group of six sizes circled in red. The group is labelled 34 F/FF - this is the Flexi-Size for six different sizes including 32 G.

Please email if you have any questions before purchasing the Molke Flexi-Size Swim Bra.

Q. Where is the swimwear made?

A. The swimwear is currently made in an ethical factory in Romania that we have visited and inspected to ensure it complies with our ethical policies. We would love to be able to manufacture the swimwear in house, but at the moment due to social distancing restrictions we are unable to increase the team to accommodate this. It’s on our long term plans!

Q. What is the swimwear made of?

A. The swim fabric is recycled polyamide made from ECONYL® yarn, a 100% regenerated nylon yarn derived from pre and post industrial waste such as discarded fishing nets, carpet fluff (the top part of Nylon carpets), tulle etc. This yarn not only keeps plastics out of landfill but is also made without using fossil fuels during the production.

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