Ovarian Cancer Awareness - Fi Munro

Ovarian Cancer Awareness - Fi Munro

Jan 29, '20

Fi Munro is an award winning researcher, author, public speaker and so much more. Since her diagnosis of stage four ovarian cancer in 2016, she has learned the importance of living for the moment and has encouraged others to do the same. She has written some words about working with Molke and why Teal is much more than just a colour.

Some of you will remember that on 9th May for WORLD OVARIAN CANCER DAY me and 14 pals stripped off to our teal undies and stood around Glasgow talking all about ovaries in 5 deg rain no less - a desperate attempt to remove some of the shame around our bodies and the fear women have with talking about gyne symptoms.

At the time I asked my pals at Molke if they were going to be bringing any teal underwear into their future lines because A. Teal is the colour of ovarian cancer and B. Molke are THE BIGGEST promoters of body confidence I’ve ever come across in an underwear company!

Fiona modelling the Power set. A quote to her right reads "That's why i love Molke, they were made for everybody."

So, now, imagine my surprise when their founder got in touch with me to send me a pair (size xs... I’m so freaking tiny now after all this cancer induced vomiting!) and ask if I would model them for them!

Well ‘HELL YES!’

Who doesn’t love an underwear company that chooses to use a stage four cancer warrior as their model... especially when said model (aka me) has a colostomy bag, excessive abdominal scaring AND a hysterectomy... so I’m well, infertile and not really a breast feeding advert 🤣🤪

But that’s what I love about Molke and their underwear brand... they were made for EVERYBODY!

And for me they are AMAZING at holding my colostomy in place... covering my port o cath and keeping me comfy and supported on days in hospital as well as days on my yoga mat.

Fiona modelling the teal underwear set. She has one hand on her hip and the other is making a strength pose

I could not love them more and on world ovarian cancer day this year you will undoubtedly see me wondering the streets of some poor unsuspecting city wearing this exact outfit... any suggestions where I should go?

The top four symptoms of ovarian cancer are:

T - toilet habit changes
E - energy levels dropping
A - abdominal pain/swelling
L - loss of appetite/weight

Ps. Yes these photos were taken after a night of vomiting #CancerReality

You can read more about Fi's journey on her website, in her book 'How Long Have I Got?' and on social media.

Learn about World Ovarian Cancer Day on their website and donate to Target Ovarian Cancer here

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