We're on TV - by Kirsty Lunn

We're on TV - by Kirsty Lunn

Jul 13, '232 comments

We're on TV!!

And what's even better, is we are on TV because of our commitment to diversity and inclusion!

Earlier this year, we were incredibly proud to win STV's Inclusion Fund, which recognises Scottish businesses who are championing diversity and inclusion in their marketing and company ethos. This award allows us to advertise our awesome underwear on TV across central Scotland this July.

This is HUGE for our small business as we constantly work to improve in these areas from staff training on anti-racism and diversity, to ensuring all our awesome customers are represented in our marketing. It's something we are massively passionate about, and it is core to Molke's values.

For me personally, it is also a huge milestone. I never thought I’d see the day where people that looked like ME were modelling underwear on TV. Or that I’d be one of them in my 40s!

It’s about time there was more representation in media, more acceptance and diversity. Things are slowly changing which gives me so much hope for future generations. Someone seeing a person who looks like them in media or advertising, can do so much for self-esteem, acceptance and mental health. We will never stop pushing for this!

I filmed the ad on TV last night - I was holding my breath so I didn't shake the phone or whoop all the way through! In truth I was beyond excited and sent it to everyone straight after. Including my Mum who you will see is also in the ad!

I cannot believe how far we have come - thank you to everyone for supporting us along the way and I am looking forward to seeing what comes next!

If you would like to take a look at our ad, you can see it here.


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Molke on Jul 16, '23

Hi Liz, we know that buying bras can feel like a bit of a gamble and often you need to try them for yourself to know if they will do what you are looking for. We try and make this super easy as we offer free UK returns and exchanges so you can try one out for yourself and if it’s not for you, return it free of charge for a full refund. I’d recommend having a chat with our sizing team before buying so drop us over an email to pixie@molke.co.uk and they will definitely help and answer any questions you have. Good luck and I really hope they work for you!

Liz Wilson on Jul 16, '23

I’ve never been able to wear non wired as my boobs don’t have enough lift if I don’t. If the material of the bra cup gets under my boobs then I just itch and start to feel uncomfortable. Can you tell me please what is different with yours, will I just feel the same. I’m normally a 46DD. Thanks in advance

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