Meet the Pixies - Say hello to Mandy!

Meet the Pixies - Say hello to Mandy!

Apr 1, '20

Welcome to another instalment of our Meet the Pixies blogs. This time we are chatting to Mandy!

Hi Mandy! Can you tell us a bit about your job?

Hiya! I joined the team about 9 months ago and my job is to cut the fabric. I collate all the bits for each bra or pair of pants and then pass the onto the amazing sewing Pixies to put together!

What were you up to before you joined the Pixies in their mission to make boobs happy?

I worked as a window dresser and visual merchandiser at a few different companies for quite a while.

What’s your favourite part of being part of the Molke team?

I love getting to play with the lovely fabric and of course, being surrounded by great creative people! I also love the variety, I always have something new to look at on my cutting table.

What do you find challenging about being a fabric cutter?

Sometimes the Pixies sew so fast it can be hard to to keep up with them, but I manage! MixMolke was a bit of a nightmare to get my head around. It was a bit of a complicated jigsaw to organise sometimes. Knowing that we are making boobs happy makes it all worth it though.

Mandy wearing her running gear and Molke Space bra looking apprehensive and holding her running label.

What do you like to do outside of work?

I love to sew! I mostly make clothes and things for my boys. I do a bit of running and I am in training again for the Great North Run, which I ran last year in my first Molke! I love music and TV/Film too.

What are your favourite books, films etc?

Book has to be Schindler’s List. Film… Oh I know it’s cheesy but I just love the film Jaws! My family just got into Stranger Things and we watched it all so quickly so we are now very excited for the new series. I’m also a quite into my rock music and I love Foo Fighters.

Ok, time for some quick fire questions… Summer or Winter?

Summer, I hate winter!

If you had a superpower what would it be?

To transport myself to Australia!

Favourite Animal?

Shark! Or cats...

MAndy looking shocked at an unrolled swatch of Dinos fabric covering the pattern cutting table.

Favourite Molke print?

Dinos! But I would love to see a shark one.

And finally, do you have anything you’d like to say to the wonderful Molke Customers?

It makes me smile thinking of so many lovely ladies with happy boobs! 😊

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