Neurodiversity and Molke: Underwear doesn't have to be a pain!

Neurodiversity and Molke: Underwear doesn't have to be a pain!

May 20, '214 comments

I’ve always felt uncomfortable with underwear but I just accepted it as an issue everyone had. Straps irritated me, the bands were itchy and I was constantly adjusting myself throughout the day. I was also never happy with the colours and designs that were available, they didn’t match my personality. Underwear isn’t usually seen though, so again I just tried to accept it and carried on.

Then I found Molke and my life was changed forever! Molke bras no longer caused any irritation, they stayed on without me needing to fiddle or adjust myself and I didn’t even feel the need to rip them off at the end of the day. Also they came in fun designs! This doesn’t seem like a big deal, as I say underwear is mostly hidden but it’s amazing the difference I feel wearing Rainbows or Dinosaurs on my underwear! It’s like having a secret super power. I also have Fibromyalgia, so have chronic pain. Anything that digs in feels unbearable on my bad days and underwear just exacerbated this issue. Looking back I can see that part of the problem was wearing a poorly fitted bra, but once I tried Molke there was no going back!  I do wear a slightly looser band than Molke sizing suggested, but this makes it easier for me to get on and off with my limited mobility. It also prevents any pain or discomfort I have from bra bands on my ribs, yet I still have plenty of support too. The wider shoulder straps mean everything is distributed evenly and nothing is digging in.

I was fairly recently diagnosed as autistic and ADHD, suddenly everything made sense. My sensory issues weren’t made up and I realised not everyone experienced the same feelings I did. Clothing and underwear offered on the ‘High Street’ is designed with a neurotypical person in mind, my diagnosis made me realise that I should, and could, put my sensory needs first. Molke is different, comfort is the main priority though the support is definitely there. No itchy bits or things scratching at me.  The fabric is soft and the designs are just brilliant!  Also being able to express myself in non-gender conforming way was a revelation. Underwear can do so much to how you feel about yourself, how you present yourself, giving you confidence and comfort. I think this is so often underestimated but the empowerment it can give is amazing.

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Sian on Jun 21, '23

I have sensory issues an adhd, teamed with PMDD every month I have been struggling with bras with the constant need to adjust dont feel like or simply “i am far too aware of my bra today” Molke are amazing and I have been in email contact for advice and frankly cannot praise Molke enough!!

Sue Jones on Aug 24, '22

Diagnosed Autistic in my 50s and suddenly life makes sense! I really relate to this article – with big boobs and sensory issues I’ve been struggling all my life to get comfy, even resorting to going bra-less (not ideal). Molke bras really do make a difference to every day living – I step in to the original design and pull it up. Thanks for your honesty on this important subject.

Mary Parnwell on Jul 15, '21

Oh my! I could have written this about myself apart from one important difference I’ve not got a Molke bra yet! Came here to see if I should/could invest in one and I’m now sure that I should. Also autistic with ADHD and chronic pain and fibromyalgia, so in desperate need of comfy bras! Thanks for sharing!

Carolyn on Jul 8, '21

Oh my, THIS!!! Alllll of this! I’ve lived with chronic pain for decades, hypermobility, allodynia (hyper-sensitivity to pressure, its just really painful).. I’ve only just found Molke and am already excited! Can’t wait to try them. I should also add that I the dinosaur print absolutely rocks and needs to be in my wardrobe…

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