Uni-verse Bra

A rainbow circle with the text "fabric rating 3 - firm fit" inside it.

Fabric rating 3 - Firm fit

As well as everyday wear the firmer fit fabrics can be suitable for low impact sports and bigger boobs. They will hold everything in place whilst still offering that Molke comfort.


When you are looking for a bit of extra sparkle and magic on your undies, it's got to be unicorns floating through a colourful galaxy! It's dark tones will mean it is suitable for hiding under dark tops.

Molke bras are made in Scotland for people of all shapes, sizes and ages. They are great for every day wear, when comfort and colour are your priorities. Molke bras are wire-free and made with a soft and breathable fabric. They are also suitable for breastfeeding as there are no clips or fasteners on our bras; just pull the cup down for quick and easy access.


Molke bras are made with stretchy and soft cotton jersey fabric so sizing is flexible.We have a handy size calculator so grab a tape measure and you can find out the best size for you. You can also check our size guide before ordering and have a look at the Customer Gallery to see how the different sizes look on our customers. Please get in touch via the contact us page if you need further help.

Caring for your Molke

Molke underwear is made from 95% cotton jersey, 5% elastane. Over a period of time the elastic can lose it's stretch if tumble dried so we recommend line drying to keep your Molke fantastic for longer. Wash cool with similar colours, we recommend 30.

* Please note due to the dyeing process there will be slight variations between the stretch of different fabrics.

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